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posted 03 Mar, 2021

Notes tangential to the BGW protocol

Shamir's Secret Sharing

Shamir’s secret sharing is a scheme where a value can be split into n shares, each of which doesn’t tell one anything about the secret value. Get enough of them together though, and you can recover the secret. A simpler scheme would be just be to split your secret into n random values that add back up to the secret. (This works better and makes more sense in a finite field. Basically everything from here on out will be in the finite field of size two, i.e. “bits”.)

In Shamir’s scheme (from here on: SSS), we pick a random polynomial f of some known degree t-1 such that f(0) is the secret value. Each party p then gets as their share the value f(p). To reconstruct the secret, we just need any t of the values; that’s enough to pin down the polynomial and that gives us f(0).

The Ben-Or Goldwasser Widgerson protocol

One application of SSS is for secure multi-party computation (basically the same idea as Homomorphic Encryption, but with p parties involved). Like all MPC systems I’m aware of, BGW starts by building a “circuit” representing the computation. The components of these circuits are primitive gates: NOT, XOR, and AND. We can use SSS for this because the shares have the two key homomorphisms: additive and multiplicative.

Remember we’re working in the finite field of size two; NOT is negation, XOR is addition, and AND is multiplication. So far this looks like a really good MPC protocol. The computations are cheap and we have information-theoretic security. The problem is that the degree of the polynomial goes up with every AND gate; if t>p, then not enough shares exist to recover the secret. The solution is to rebuild the polynomial after every AND to reset the degree.


I think the key to reliniarization is that reconstruction of a secret is a function of the secret shares that can be represented as a circuit without multiplication. Therefore if one has a share of each share, one can get a share of the “truth”. This strongly suggests that multiple secrets could be relinearized at once, but I have to actually put together the matrixes in question to do that.