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posted 17 Jun, 2022

Metadata-privacy preserving Instant Messaging

Update Oct 2022

It had previously been proposed that Fuzzy Message Detection could be extended to give more formal guarantees of privacy in a central-server-based messaging system. More recent work clarified the guarantees provided by the original FMD definition, and showed that for practical purposes it provides very little privacy.

A few of us are still investigating this line of research. In particular,

TLDR: Use Signal

While there are a lot of really cool projects out there that I want to write about here, Signal is ok, and you can install it and start using it right now.
I look forward to a day when I can update this tldr!

Metadata privacy in Instant Messaging

One of my current research interests is advanced privacy-preserving IM tools. E2EE, done correctly (a la Signal) prevents any third parties from reading your messages, but leaves a great deal of useful information unprotected, such as

Various tools exist that make this message metadata harder to learn under different networking models and threat models.