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posted 29 Jan, 2021

Symphony; David Darais, David Heath, Ryan Estes, William Harris, and Michael Hicks

author David Darais, David Heath, Ryan Estes, William Harris, & Michael Hicks
title λ-Symphony: A Concise Language Model for MPC
year 2020
month July
where University of Vermont, Georgia Institute of Technology, Galois Inc., & University of Maryland

The goal of this work is largely the same as Wysteria, to provide a language in which it’s easy to write sound MPC applications. There are several differences:

Symphony itself is Ocaml-like in the sense of having a fairly simple type system (not counting the two dimensions of complexity for tracking who has a given value and who could use it), being strictly evaluated, and using refs to track program state.

The authors discuss toward the end various other MPC implementations. In particular, I’m interested in moving the ease and confidience of Symphony in the space of libraries. The authors claim that MPC libraries are sub-optimal because they require a programmer to manage the parallel-ness of the application manually, but I’m unconvinced that this is true/necessary.